Synaesthesia Art


What exactly I do I like to show you and explain a little bit on this page



Here you can see how I apply the paint for the musicroom onto the canvas.

While doing so I listen to the chosen music on headphones. Only that way I can see all of the sounds.

Now the coloured space of the music is almost done.

When the musicspace is finished, the individual sounds will be applied into the musicroom according to their soundsequence.


Here I wait for the passage in the music where I can apply the sounds with their shape.

Now the sounds are at their correct place.


Completed double collage 2x 30x40 cm        

To be able to see as much colours and shapes as possible I have to listen to the appropriate music again and again. Corresponding to it the individual materials, which are necessary for the implementation of the sounds, will be gathered. That may lead to a preparation time of several days or weeks.

As soon as all objekts and colours are collected the actual work starts. The creation of the music collage.

During the implementation I over and over listen to the chosen music, whos sound I like to display. In that process I first of all create the space in which the sounds are moving, in which they are living.

The individual materials will be installed in the previous created musicspace until all sounds are in the right place. An independend world has developed. In it clearly can be seen how the individual sounds are moving.

Every music collage is a unique item!