Synaesthesia Art

Live is more eclectic than we imagjne. It not only comprises eating, go to work, to meet friends and that day by day.

Live is in every thing. We just need to take a better look. We should take more effort to even see the live. Only all too often people are concerned with themselfes as they are willing to recognize other forms in live and to appreciate it.

Furthermore men has forgotten to deliberate and to scrutinize. Additionally he is frightened of something that is not just easily explained and rather lying to himself while negating the possible real truth.

Let`s just open our eyes again und learn to see again, to understand, and first of all to accept that there are still so many things which should receive more significance.

That for instance music is alive as well. That it doesn`t consist solely of sounds.

Let`s allow that it has very special properties just like everything that is in our universe.

My eyes are open and see the different. They see the live in music, see its colours, shapes and structures.

I resolved upon sharing "this different" via my art with non-synaesthetes.