Synaesthesia Art

About me

My name is Monika Rieck-Klimek (nee. Klimek).

I was born in 1973 in the town of Porz at the river Rhein as the youngest of six children. When I was eleven years old we moved to Porz-Wahn. There I finished an education as dental assistant.

I have synaesthesia from birth. I can neither influence it nor switch it off. It is my dayly companion. And I am glad to have such a colourful live. 

Since October 1993 l am living in Mönchengladbach together with my husband.

It was in 2005 that I made up my mind for the first time to catch my synaesthesia in pictures.                                

I started to implement music with its colours, shapes and structures, dwelling in its own musicroom.

In summer 2007 I implemented smells by their characteristics for the first time.

I discovered more and more patterns of synaesthesia at me. For example also how sun on the lower arms looks like.

I don`t want to isolate my synaesthesia in myself. Important to me is that other people can see what I can see. That they see what else there is besides what is been tought to us.

There is far more than we can imagine and understand.

Your Monika Rieck-Klimek